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Critics Say Dallas Brewery Ad Campaign Promotes Rape Culture

Dallas Blonde
A promotional van for the Dallas Blonde includes its "Goes Down Easy" slogan. (credit: Deep Ellum Brewery)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - To celebrate the one year anniversary of it's Dallas Blonde beer, Deep Ellum Brewery came up with the tagline "goes down easy."

The brewery even decorated the side of a van with the slogan written in large cursive script, alongside a picture of beer can with a blonde haired doll  on the front.

Critics accused the campaign of using "rape culture" to sell alcohol, and a Facebook post featuring the picture sparked more than a hundred comments - some of which blasted the brewery for it's choice of words.

"Disappointed and creeped out that you chose to take this route for advertising Dallas Blonde. I expect more from non-corporate companies," wrote Margo Sivin.

Jenny Block wrote, "Shame on you.  Great beer.  Incredibly offensive campaign."

Brewery owner, John Reardon, responded to the criticism in a blog post, that he titled, "A Lesson In Overreaching Sexism."

Reardon says he appreciates all the comments, and could understand that some people were offended by the campaign, which was intended to be a joke.

"What's not funny," writes Reardon, "is how that's been interpreted to promoting rape culture. If anyone is to blame for promoting such thoughts, it should be those interpreting the phrase to that level. Shame on you."

Reardon continues, " You have a choice in the way you perceive this campaign. It can be seen in its literal sense, you can choose to see the innuendo, or you can fly off the deep end and call it rape culture. But those are your thoughts, and your thoughts only, to own."

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