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Colin Allred, Genevieve Collins Battle For 32nd Congressional District In North Texas

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Democrats are hoping to hold onto the 32nd Congressional District seat that Colin Allred flipped in 2018.

Genevieve Collins is hoping to win back the seat for Republicans.

When it comes to how the Trump administration responded to the coronavirus pandemic, Collins said the president deserves praise for unleashing the power of the federal government.

"Be able to immediately help small businesses and our American citizens get the resources that they need, is really important, unleashing what our businesses can do getting PPP, and ventilators to hospitals immediately. That really worked. What doesn't work is the continued stalled relief," he said.

Collins, a businesswoman, says both the Trump administration and Speaker Nancy Pelosi need to strike a deal on coronavirus relief.

Allred agreed a deal needs to be reached quickly.

But he said the administration hasn't responded well to the pandemic because 221,000 Americans have died related to the virus. "We've had a very different response in the United States from other developed countries and that is a failure of leadership. I mean, we you remember the days this summer, we didn't have enough PPE to protect our frontline health care workers when we didn't have enough testing here in our communities. That was all, I think, also a failure of leadership."

Democrat Joe Biden has said he wants to do away with parts of the Trump tax cuts and raise rates for those making $400,000 a year and on corporations.

Collins said, "I'm not for tax increases. I think that the 2017 tax cuts actually harnessed the great and allowed for the greatest innovation and bull market the American Americans have ever experienced with the lowest unemployment rate for women, minorities, like African Americans and Latinos."

Allred opposed the Trump tax cuts, but was non-committal on Biden's plan. "I'll have to see what the implications are, we get, you know, scores from the Congressional Budget Office and all the data around what it's going to do and what the long term implications are, and so I think we're going to have to take a deep look at this, because we also have to recognize that we are have a real issue with our deficit coming up."

Two years ago, Allred beat veteran Republican Pete Sessions by nearly 18,000 votes.

Both candidates are well-funded and are airing lots of television ads, but the Cook Political Report considers this race "likely Democratic."


Colin Allred


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