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Zion Foster's Mother Says Cousin Confessed To Dumping Teen

(CBS DETROIT) - As the search for Zion Foster continues, her mother Ciera Milton says she's gripping with the reality that her daughter won't be found alive.

The grieving mother told CW50, Foster's accused by authorities of lying to peace officers in the investigation allegedly made a shocking confession that he dumped the 17-year-old after she went unresponsive, on the same night she was last seen.

"Like trash and put my baby in a dumpster and then afterward proceeded to go get his girlfriend from work and carried on with life as if nothing happened," Milton said.

Foster's mother says she's living with a pain that's unbearable because for weeks she says she's known about what allegedly happened the night of January 4th, but she kept the grisly details to herself to protect the investigation.

"I can't even fathom my baby in a casket and I can't fathom in the trash," Milton said.

But Wednesday, after leaving a Macomb County courtroom Jaylin Brazier's hearing, she could no longer hold it in.

The mother of six went to social media to vent and let the world know what she says Detroit Police told her about her daughter's disappearance.

"It's not a pain that you can escape from," Milton cried.

"It's not a pain that you can sleep away or cry away or medicate away."

Milton says Brazier picked her daughter up last month from her Eastpointe home and never dropped her off.

The 23-year-old man is facing charges in Macomb County for lying to police in a violent crime investigation, charges he pleaded no contest to.

"And in this broken state, I still gotta take care of my other babies," Milton explained.

According to Milton, Foster's last location on her phone pinged on Greenfield near Vassar at Brazier's house in Detroit.

Milton says police told her Foster could possibly be in a landfill with little to no remains left.

"I wish more so that they could find her to know what he did," Milton said.

Detroit police have not confirmed to CW50 that a confession was made, instead releasing this statement that reads:


"The Detroit Police Department continues to investigate the missing case of Zion Foster. We are working with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies around the clock.  

The investigation is still active and we urge anyone with information to please come forward.  

We've resubmitted a warrant package to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office for multiple charges against Jaylin Brazier. We have no further details to release at this time."


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