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You've Gotta See Andre Drummond's S550 Tricked Out By Dynamic Customs Detroit

Detroit Pistons' big man is a beast on the court and social media. Andre Drummond has a ton of followers on Instagram and Twitter and there's a good reason. He shares a glimpse into the amazing lifestyle of an NBA stud. He posted a slick video of his new ride. Props to the guy behind the video, a friend of the custom shop, Frankie LaPenna.

The $94k Mercedes Benz S550 was dressed to the nines by Dynamic Customs Detroit. Who knows what the final price tag of the vehicle ended up at.

The color is supposed to be matte red, but it looks orange. If I was Dre, I'd say it's basketball orange, because that's exactly what it looks like.

He expressed his gratitude by giving the shop a plug on his Instagram account"Big thanks to @DynamicCustoms_ for doing a great job on my car. Check them out!!" 

Why not the S600? It's only about $50k more for the 12 cylinder. Maybe Dre is trying to save the environment. It gets 4 more mpg at 24 highway.

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