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Valenti and Foster: Should Tigers Fans Forgive Peralta?

The Tigers got a much-needed burst of offense in Game 4 of the American League Division Series on Tuesday when shortstop-turned-left fielder Jhonny Peralta hit a game-tying, three-run home run over the left field fence in the fifth inning.

Peralta received a standing ovation for his effort, but there seems to be a segment of Tigers fans that have yet to forgive him for getting caught using performance enhancing drugs, which resulted in a 50 game suspension. Peralta has five of the 10 runs batted in during Games 3 and 4.

97.1 The Ticket's Mike Valenti and Terry Foster believe once a player does their time, the fans should forgive and move on to do anything it takes to win a championship.

"You can root for your team without rooting for individual players," Foster said on his radio show Thursday.

"This city needs a championship from this team and they should do whatever it takes to get it," Valenti added.

But caller Dan was not so forgiving, saying Tigers' fans should not be so quick to forgive "cheaters."

"To me, if you're caught using PEDs you're done, you shouldn't play baseball," Dan said on the air Thursday. "I'm not going to root for a guy who got caught cheating. Stay home. We don't want you."

Do you agree with Mike and Terry? Should Tigers' fans rally around Peralta because he's already served his sentence -- or is it "once a cheater, always a cheater?"

Let us know in our poll.

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