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Tillson Street's Halloween Displays Draws Thousands

(CBS DETROIT) - It's an attraction that draws thousands of people every year, to a quiet street in a quiet part of town.

"Oh yeah, it's a lot of fun," said Peter Charow, a Tillson Street resident.

"We really enjoy it. Like I say, we all work together."

For almost four decades Tillson Street has been known for some of the best Halloween displays and it started with the vision of one woman.

"Halloween night when they close down this street is packed with people," said Tillson Street resident Vicki Lee, who started the annual celebration.

"We usually plan for 2,000 trick-or-treaters."

Lee was known on the block for creating elaborate outdoor decorations for Halloween.

Soon her neighbors joined in on the fun, turning Tillson Street into a Halloween extravaganza.

"It's wonderful," Charow said.

"So many people thank us. They just enjoy coming out here with their families, and you know they're very grateful and the price is always perfect for everybody because it's free."

Vicki is also using the displays to raise money for a good cause, with the Buzz Lee Memorial Scholarship Fund; selling Tillson Street t-shirts in honor of her late husband.

"We thought vocational scholarships, those are the ones that don't necessarily get the other monies that so many other kids get," Lee explained.

Vicki says each year, she's motivated to keep smiles on kids' faces, with the help of her neighbors, as they collectively bring a big and unique Halloween experience to Small Town, USA.

"Oh, please come and see what it's like," Lee said.

"Like I said, free night, I mean who can ask for anything better than that."

For more information on Terror on Tillson Street, visit .

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