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Tigers' Coach Gene Lamont Admits Bad Decision, Drops F-Bombs

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) - The closest the Tigers got to home plate in Game 2 of the World Series was in the second inning, when Prince Fielder was tagged out with a perfect throw from the infield.

Fielder was sent home by Tigers' third base coach Gene Lamont, who's second guessing his decision the morning after the Tigs were shut out by the San Francisco Giants.

"If I had to do it over, I probably would have held him. I just, you know, I know we haven't really been scoring runs and I got overly aggressive, I guess," he said.

Fielder was rounding the bases on a Delmon Young hit to left field -- one of only two hits on the night for Detroit.

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"I just saw the ball bounce away from the left fielder, you know, it wasn't where he was at and I thought Prince could score. They end up making a perfect relay and I was wrong," said Lamont.

Lamont became increasingly frustrated throughout the interview, saying no one wants to talk when you do your job right -- only when you're being second-guessed.

Click HERE to see Gene Lamont talk about his call sending Prince Fielder home.

"Well, you know, the difficult part is nobody wants to talk to you unless you f*** up, you know? F*** those guys in Detroit I see every day and haven't said 'Hello' to me all f****** year," he said.

Now that the first two games are over, both of which went to the Giants, the teams head to Detroit where they'll play games three, four and, if necessary, game five at Comerica Park.

You can hear all the games on 97.1 The Ticket starting at 8:00 p.m.

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