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Street Team Attended the Ann Arbor Art Fair

CW50 Street Team attended the Ann Arbor Art Fair! This year, the weather at the Art Fair was not too hot or too cold. Although Friday had a bit of small showers, everyone still came out to enjoy the fair.

There were many booths set up which consisted of art, clothing, paintings, food, and much fun! While the Art Fair was the main event, the fair also had live performances for the crowd to enjoy. From singers, dancers, poets, and even children getting on stage to have fun. This allowed for the crowd to stay entertained at all times throughout the fair. The Ann Arbor Art Fair also had a booth set up for kids to come to create their own art work, as their parents had time to head out and shop for art of their own.

As always, the CW50 Street Team cannot wait to attend this fair again next year. There is always nothing but positivity from everyone you encounter at this event. Hope to see you next year!

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