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Sara's Blog: Fantasy Airport Takeover

What do you do when you are stuck at a practically empty airport for hours?  If you are Joe Ayala and Larry Chen, the answer is...ANYTHING YOU WANT!  Joe and Larry were stranded in the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport one night after a connecting flight was canceled and decided to make the most of things (while getting it all on film).  The two friends engage in wheelchair races, foam fights in the bathroom, beat boxing on the intercom and one guy sneaks through the kitchen of a restaurant and pours himself a beer.
Where was airport security?  Who knows.  All the antics were caught on airport security cameras, but at no point does the video show the guys being approached by officers.  Although Joe and Larry were ticketed passengers who had already gone through security, the airport and the TSA were none too pleased.   So far, airport spokespeople have declined to say if the two men will face charges.
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