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Prospective Stars Line Up For American Idol Auditions

DETROIT (WWJ) - Hundreds of Hollywood hopefuls lined up outside Detroit's Book-Cadillac Hotel on Tuesday for the next round of auditions to sing on TV's American Idol.

It's now or never for Chelsea Ryan of Sterling Heights, who was among about 300 prospective stars in line early in the morning.

"It's here! You can't even have the excuse to not go, at this point, you know?" Ryan told WWJ Newsradio 950's Ron Dewey. "Plus, I'm 28 ... that's the cutoff age. So, this was my last chance to do my thing."

It's Ryan's birthday, Tuesday, and she's hoping that will bring her good luck.

Lauren Allen said she doesn't just hope — she knows she'll make the cut.

"Just because I've been singing for a very long time. I was able to sing for President Obama, actually, at my school recently," she said. "It just gave me a confidence that I don't get nervous in front of a large crowd."

Allen said the stage was set for her when she won a K-8 school talent show in the third grade.

"... It's my passion, and it's my dream, and I'm very determined to do it," said Allen, "and I actually know that I can."

Andrew Birdwell of Cadillac drove down with his family on a lark

"They were going down, and I was like, I've got nothin' to do that day," said Birdwell. "I used to sing; I'll give it a shot. So, here I am."

Those who make it through Tuesday's auditions could appear on the FOX-TV show in the 2014 season.

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