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Places To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse In Detroit

Picture this: Your basic viral outbreak or evil scourge has descended on Detroit and the undead are running amok. Where will you go? We suggest somewhere with a securable perimeter, access to fresh water and food -- preferably somewhere out of the beaten path as to avoid the crowds. Never fear, we've created a short list of places in metro Detroit that would stack the odds of survival in your favor.


Belle Isle

Intersection of E. Grand Blvd. and E. Jefferson (Belle Isle Bridge)

Consider that this jewel offers several sturdy buildings, including the Yacht Club, the casino and the aquarium as well a bridge providing a single point of access. Snipers and a couple rows of barricades should help keep the riff-raff out (both sentient and undead). Feel free to rig the bridge with explosives in case things get out of hand. Wild game should be a good option for food with 982 acres of mostly wooded land. The Carillon Clock would make a great vantage point to hole up in if you're overrun.



110 Cabelas Boulevard East
Dundee, MI 48131
(734) 529-4700

Cabelas way out in Dundee is especially good because it's isolated from a massive population, but is heavily stocked with things you can use to defend yourself. If you can get there before things get entirely out of hand, a sporting goods store would be a jackpot for gearing up. Our advice: Get yourself a crank powered radio to stay abreast of the news with WWJ Newsradio, grab handguns, flak jackets, as much ammo as you can carry and get the heck out of there.

A Friendly House

Being on familiar turf is probably your safest bet. You don't want to be too far from civilization to get in the way of salvage opportunities, but you also don't want to be in the thick of it. Having friends who will watch your back and help gather supplies is key. If you live in or know someone with a house meeting the water, security, food criteria -- we suggest you go there first. Remember you're always safest in a crowd, so stay with the group. If that's no good, try another option from the list.


Anywhere Near Selfridge

Selfridge Air National Guard Base
Harrison Township, MI
(586) 239-5035

We're not sure if a scenario would be presented where the base would be opened to the public, but Technical Sergeant Dan Heaton provided some relevant facts to consider in the event it becomes a safe haven. TSgt. Heaton assures us, "There has never been a successful zombie attack at Selfridge Air National Guard Base." Since zombies are usually a ground threat -- take solace that a squadron of A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft is assigned to Selfridge. You won't have too many bad guys to contend with in the vicinity. TSgt. Heaton tells us the A-10s are "... specifically designed to target enemies on the ground ..."

Get more information on how to prepare for a national emergency, realistic or fantastic ...


Target Sports

30466 Woodward Ave
Royal Oak, MI 48073
(248) 549-2122

With no windows and of course ... lots of guns ... it's worth a visit, but we wouldn't plan on staying long. Get a good supply of ammo and find accommodations elsewhere. They specialize in handguns, shotguns and tactical rifles so if you're looking to get on the offensive side of the fight check it out. They also have a range if you need a refresher on your quick draw and accuracy.


Fort St. Presbyterian Church

631 West Fort Street
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 961-4533

For more than 35 years, this church has been helping out Detroiters with their open door ministry serving meals, offering haircuts and clothing. If that mentality transitions to the zombie apocalypse, then this place might make for a sanctuary from the brain eating masses. With nearby access to the Detroit River and several neighboring restaurants, food and water should be available for a while. Again, a vantage point for a lookout in the 265 foot spire doesn't hurt.


Grosse Pointe Yacht Club

788 Lake Shore Road
Grosse Pointe Shores, MI
(313) 884-2500

Boasting a 187-foot steeple for monitoring any unauthorized visitors, many potential escape boats, three restaurants and four bars -- this place could be a zombie survivalist's dream. With access to fresh water and fishing on Lake St. Clair, a long-term stay wouldn't be out of the question. Let's hope we only need to lay low for six months or so for the zombies to either die of hunger or exposure.


Northland Center Mall

21500 Northwestern Highway
Southfield, MI 48075
(248) 569-6272

Assuming city water will stop working after a couple of days or weeks, this option will only be good for the short-term, but it's another option to stock up and make a plan. If things turn out like they did in the 2004 remake of "Dawn Of The Dead" with everybody and their cousin descending on the mall -- you're in trouble. There are supposedly underground tunnels and a fallout shelter here that will hold 8,400, making it a viable place to congregate.

Check out this list of fallout shelters near Detroit. They're usually thick-walled with minimal windows making great anti-zombie fortresses.


Detroit Naval Armory

7600 East Jefferson Avenue
Detroit, Michigan

It has a limited number of ground level windows and a basketball court to keep you in shape. Don't forget how important it is to stay sharp both mentally and physically. You've hit pay dirt -- assuming you can get in. The facility is maintained by local Marines and sailors and isn't open to the public. It once served as barracks and schoolhouse for 1,200 sailors making it an ideal place to stay alive and build up a militia.

George Fox is a Spartan, a Michigander, and Web Producer for CBS 62/CW50 in Detroit. When I'm not working on content for the CBS Local websites, I'm probably hanging out on the boat, at deer camp or spending quality time with the fam. Follow George on Twitter @GeorgeJFox.

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