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Only 1 In 3 People Describe Themselves As Happy According To Study

DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) - It's a seemingly simple question ... "Are you happy?" If so, are you actively working on the act of being happy -- because odds say only about a third of people describe themselves as happy.

Only about one in three people say they are happy according to a recent Harris Poll study. But there are some things you can do to boost your happiness level.

Some people feel unhappy because they're clinically depressed reports WWJ health reporter Dr. Deanna Lites, but for many of us...unhappiness comes from our own thinking and habits.

While we can't control all of the ups and downs of life ... we can choose to be a glass half full rather than a glass half empty person in most situations.

Other simple things to boost your mood like exercise, making room for social events or even the passing conversation at the water cooler. You may work on the premise that performing a small act of kindness, making someone else happy, is a path to your own happiness.

Birmingham Maple Clinic therapist Lori Edelson says another way to improve your happiness level is to take an inventory of your day.

"If you don't find pleasure in what you do in most of your waking, conscious hours - it's important to re-evaluate, make some decisions," says Edelson, "and they're not always easy - about 'what can I do with my life, with my career, with my future?"

Other ways to brighten your day; learn something new, keep a gratitude journal or take a few minutes to unplug each day.

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