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Michigan Matters: Young Folks Weigh In On Pandemic

Southfield (CBS Detroit) - As COVID-19  takes its toll on our region and causes more damage than any other crisis in 100 years, young adults are being impacted as their families, communities, schools and  the potential job market have all changed overnight.

Four impressive young people --- recent University of Michigan graduate  Evan Manuel, Oakland University student Rose Hazem, Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School graduate and incoming freshman at Michigan State Chanel Stevanovich, and WSU student Anna Cloutier appear on MICHIGAN MATTERS with Senior Producer/Host Carol Cain to talk about the crisis and how it is has impacted them and their generation.

Anna Cloutier, WSU Student, Chanel Stevanovich, Incoming MSU Freshman, Rose Hazem, OU Student, and Evan Manuel, UofM graduate.

All four shared  thoughts of their future: Manuel hopes to work in the front office of a professional sports team,  Hazem, is working to become a physicians assistant, Stevanovich, wants to follow in the footsteps of her father --Milan Stevanovich --who died of Covid last month, as she pursues a career in international business, and Cloutier is planning a career in communications.

There was talk of  schools closings and online classes, cancelling of traditional graduation, cancelled national dance competitions, even the quick ending of the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament in Indianapolis on March 12 (Manuel served as student manager of the team).

Stevanovich, who turned 18 during the pandemic, discussed seeing her father valiantly fight but lose his battle against COVID-19 as over 100,000 Americans have done in recent months.

Hazem, who is working as a nurse's assistant at Beaumont Hospital, also attends classes at Oakland University. As a result of being at the hospital, she's been staying in an OU dorm for the first time to keep her family safe.  She didn't want to risk bringing the virus home.

All talked how they think COVID-19 will change things at school and how young people will respond as the state and nation continues to re-opens with the COVID-19 still lingering.

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