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Macomb County family reunites with deputies who rescued 2-year-old

Macomb County deputies reunite with 2-year-old girl they rescued
Macomb County deputies reunite with 2-year-old girl they rescued 02:01

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - Tense moments for a Macomb County family, whose two-year-old nearly drowned in the family's pool over the weekend. 

Luckily, first responders were able to get to the home in time to bring the toddler back to life. On Thursday, family members reunited with those who played a role in those tense moments. 

"This was the most amazing outcome. You feel so proud to do the job that we do," said Lindsey McCord. McCord was the 911 operator during the incident. 

In moments of crisis, it's first responders who we often encounter first. On Saturday, that became a reality for the Lateef family.

The mom and dad found their daughter, 2-year-old Mira, face down in the family's pool. 

"Just floating on the water. I remember her pajama in the water," Mother Hanan Lateef said.

After the initial shocked set in, the parents quickly began giving the child CPR. All the while, 911 had already been called and authorities were on the way.

"And then I just feel her heart start beating," Father Saif Lateef said.

Within minutes, Macomb County deputies arrived and began their life-saving measures.

Mira's mother says she's grateful for the first responders, especially seeing as though this was her first time dialing 911.

For deputies Mitchell Blount and John Potocki, they knew this was a situation where seconds mattered the most.

"Not breathing her lips were all blue. It was a matter of seconds between going in the house and flipping her over, checking for a pulse, and starting life-saving measures," Blount said.

After realizing the young child had a heartbeat, deputies drove Mira to the hospital for oxygen support. Afterward, she was airlifted to another hospital.

The parents say within 24 hours tubes were removed - and Mira was back to her normal self. Now less than a week later she was able to be face-to-face with those who played a crucial role in her – survival!

"Looking at her walk around and slap hands, it makes everything worth it," Blount and Potocki said.

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