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Leach's Lists: DTM's Top 3 Reasons Not To Get Bit During World Cup 2014

By Dan Leach --- Follow Dan Leach on Twitter @dtmleach

Millions watched in horror on Tuesday as one of the world's premier soccer players, Uruguayan and EPL Club Liverpool striker Luis Suarez literally took a bite out of Italy defender Girogio Chiellini's shoulder.

Amazingly this was not the first or even second time Suarez has bitten an opponent on the pitch. He has already been banned twice for biting an opponent in the past, but this time it might cost him and his nation his ability to play again in World Cup 2014.

3FEAR OF SASQUATCH COMMUNITY RETRIBUTION - It has long been a point made by me that the Sasquatch is not only out there, but has a great sense of community as well as a robust economic system. They are known to always take care of their own and in the rare times they come into contact with humans, have been known to protect humans from all sorts ailments, including getting bitten by any mammal. What Suarez did might not only awaken the sleeping giant figuratively, but literally as well.

Possible Sasquatch Sighting outside Squamish, BC by M Lamont on YouTube

 2 -SPREADING RABIES - Rabies has seen a major decline in affecting humans in recent years, but this kind of an on-field transgression could be the tipping point to just turn things in the complete wrong direction again.

1 - OUTING YOURSELF AS A VAMPIRE - It is no secret that much to the chagrin of millions , the "Twilight Saga" seeped into the hearts and minds of teens over the past 5 years. If it taught us anything aside from the fact that Kristen Stewart can't act, it is the last thing you ever want to do is let the human world know your secret. The Volturi are no doubt watching this situation very closely.

The Volturi [Twilight Saga] by CarmenEye on YouTube
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