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'You Will See A Different Dynamic From Emmett This Year': Jacob Latimore On Season 4 Of Showtime's 'The Chi'

(CBS Local)-- On Sunday, May 23, "The Chi" returns for season four on Showtime and actor Jacob Latimore can't wait to show fans what he and his fellow cast mates have on tap. Latimore plays Emmett, who is now married and trying to provide for wife and son at home and his other children from previous relationships.

CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith caught up with Latimore to discuss the new season, breakdown Emmett's journey in the show and talk about his love for the city of Chicago.

"It's been incredible and actually this is the first time we are going to be airing while we're actually finishing up a few episodes," said Latimore. "We air on May 23 and we are on episode eight right now. I like this way where we shoot and put it out. It's kind of like you're doing a music video. We definitely need this out for the people right now. The moment seems right and we saw the trailer and said 'oh my goodness, we just finished filming that a couple weeks ago.'"

Season four will focus heavily on police brutality and the Black experience with police. Latimore loves that he has the platform with his colleagues to talk about these important issues.

"As a Black actor, it seems like almost every TV show or movie has to have it because it is so much a part of our reality," said Latimore. "It's relevant to our experience. We are The Chi and represent the culture and we have to talk about those issues. It has been really difficult to film with COVID and we haven't been really able to come together as a cast off set as much as we used to. It's definitely been difficult in that way. Everyone is so isolated when we are there. It's difficult, but we are making it work and making it look good."

Latimore's character Emmett is one of the most interesting on the show. Emmett goes from selling sneakers on the streets to establishing multiple business ventures in order to provide for his kids and family. The actor is thankful he's had the opportunity to develop the character.

"It's incredible because I've been able to put a lot of myself in the character," said Latimore. "I'm really goofy and funny and I've been craving a character like this where I can just be myself. I wanted to show my personality a little more. I've done a lot of dramas and films like "Detroit" and "Collateral Beauty." I had to bring the tears to screen and you will see a different dynamic from Emmett this year because he has to go through a lot this year. Overall, it's been fun to be the light of the show. To be comedic, smiley and fun, it's dope."

Stream the first three seasons of "The Chi" right now on the Showtime app.

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