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How Hot Are You Really? Put Your Looks To The Test With New App

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) In this week's edition of the latest and greatest iPhone apps, think about "The Ugly Meter" -- a way for science to decide if you're as good-looking as you think you are.

The brain child of Arizona app creators Dapper Gentlemen, the app scans your face and checks it against perfect symmetry -- and then tells you how far off the mark you are.

Not perfect? Don't worry. Recent tests revealed Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt faces aren't perfect either.

But they may be closer to it than you are.

"Nobody's perfect, but people like that are ranking in the 90 percent and that's as close as you can get -- 100 percent isn't achieveable," said Joe Overline, app developer and president of Dapper Gentlemen.

Brad Pitt scored a 91 and "that's pretty much a perfect score," Overline said.

You can compare scores with friends and get advice on how to "improve" your Ugly Meter ranking. App developers suggest it's a great ice-breaker at parties -- assuming, of course, your friends have thick skin.

"We just did it for fun, we come up with ideas and thought it would be something fun for parties -- We never expected it to be as big as it was," Overline said.

Now he's sold 5 million downloads on Apple, and the app is still going strong. The generic version costs .99 cents per  download. The pro version -- that tells you things like "your nose is 18 percent too wide" -- is $4.99. They're both available in the iPhone App store.

Dapper Gentlemen was founded in 2010 by partners Overline and Ryan Allen. They create games and entertainment apps for the iPhone iOS and iPad platforms as well as for Android devices.

They have no prior experience in the gaming industry.

So, would you take The Ugly Meter test? Let us know your results in comments below.

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