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Happening This Weekend: Sound + Vision Festival

This Thursday (4/26) and Friday (4/27) Red Bull House of Art, a live-in residency experience in Detroit dedicated to providing visual artists the freedom and space to create, is presenting Sound + Vision Film Festival. The event is taking place at the historic Senate Theater in southwest Detroit and will explore the intersection of film and music.

Thirteen selected films will be shown over the course of two nights at Sound + Vision. Each night will be a unique experience and shouldn't be missed!

This event is free, with RSVP required upon entry (click here to RSVP!). Doors open at 6pm and film screenings begin at 7pm. Intermission is 9pm-9:15pm with a Wurlitzer Organ Performance.


We had the opportunity to ask Monty Luke, a local curator, producer, and label owner a few questions about Red Bull House of Art and Sound + Vision. Check out the brief Q & A below for more info about Detroit art and the event!

Q: How does Red Bull House of Art contribute to art-culture in Detroit?

A: House of Art contributes to art and culture in Detroit by offering a unique opportunity for artists, collectors, gallerists, etc to interact which has the effect of positively influencing the lives of artists through collaborations, commissions, etc.

Q: What makes this event different from other film festivals?

A: I don't even know if I would call it a film festival really, though! There are some clear similarities to the festival format, but what mainly sets this apart from events of this type is the fact that these will be films focused exclusively on the intersection of music in film. I don't know of any other film festival in the world that has done it this way.

Q: How did the idea for Sound + Vision come about? 

A: The idea first came to me during my time as Public Programs Curator at MOCAD. Detroit has a few really excellent places to experience film, but overall the area is very much under-served in this category. Also, my role as curator exposed me to an entire world of fantastic films that deserved more exposure. And being heavily involved with the music scene here, after a short time of thinking about it, the concept became a must-do event in my mind.

Q: Why should Detroiters attend events like Sound + Vision?

A: Detroit has a rich cultural fabric that should be explored in all its many facets. This event should interest anyone who loves the feeling of sitting in the dark a with a bunch of strangers and being enveloped in new ideas, sights and lots of music. And Detroiters should most definitely attend to experience the Senate Theater in all its glory. The Senate is a unearthed treasure that lovers of Detroit's history and architecture should enjoy. It's a piece of Detroit history that has yet to be fully explored.

We want to give a big thank you to Monty Luke and Red Bull House of Art for taking the time to put this event together and answering some of our questions!

For more information about Red Bull House of Art or Sound + Vision, visit


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