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Comcast's New Xfinity Promises 100 Mbps Home Internet

Goodbye Comcast, hello Xfinity.

Comcast Corp. is changing the brand name under which it provides cable TV, data and phone services in Michigan.

Comcast will continue to exist, but from now on its technologies will be delivered under the brand name Xfinity.

Whatever you call them, Comcast says those services are about to get better and faster.

Included will be a new tier of home Internet service with downloads of up to 105 megabits per second, by far the fastest residential service ever offered in Michigan.

Comcast also said Xfinity promises a doubling of video on demand programming with more than 60,000 titles being offered (including more than 6,000 in high-definition TV) and more than 100 HD channels on cable TV.

Comcast said the Xfinity move is the culmination of a multi-year investment in Comcast's network and facilities, enabling it to be ready for the upgrades. Earlier this year, Comcast completed a major upgrade of its network through a digital network enhancement project that converted analog cable TV channels to an all-digital format. Digital channels use less bandwidth, so Comcast is filling the freed-up bandwidth with these new services.

Tim Collins, Comcast senior vice president in Michigan, said the new network will allow Comcast to continue to innovate, too. "We are continuously innovating and enhancing our network and Xfinity is the latest evolution of that effort. The world of technology is changing at a rapid pace and we will continue to keep our products ahead of the curve by giving Michigan consumers more video, on more platforms, with more convergence and faster Internet speeds than any other company."

A dome containing demonstrations of Comcast Xfinity technologies will be on display at this week's Detroit River Days.

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