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Colbert Shares Glipse Of His 'Late Show' Persona, Trolls With Letterman Selfie

Stephen Colbert made his first appearance on CBS' "Late Show" after the announcement of David Letterman stepping down as host. It gave the audience a look at Colbert without his snarky conservative pundit character from "Colbert Report". Highlights from the visit include a story of rejecting an internship and reading a Top Ten list he submitted for a writer gig in 1997. Colbert couldn't accept the position he was eventually offered since he joined "Strangers With Candy" on Comedy Central.

In another "brush with greatness," as Colbert put it, he foolishly opted out of an internship offer because "You do not pay people," he said jokingly.

"Doesn't sound foolish to me," replied Letterman.

Riding the crest of the selfie wave, Colbert took a cell phone photo with himself and Letterman. He Tweeted it with a mischievous comment referencing a joke earlier in the segment. Dave said, "they could have just as easily hired another boob like me. But they didn't, they hire a guy..."

"They hire a boob like me," Colbert replied smiling.
Watch Colbert read his Christmas 1997 themed list "Top Ten Cocktails for Santa."

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