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Clothing Store Owner In Eastern Market Discusses Reopening

(CBS DETROIT) - After being closed for months, retailers in the state are back open today. The owners at Shops on Top in Eastern Market say their doors are open, but once inside customers can expect to see a change.

Back in December, before life as we knew it would change forever, CW50's April Morton interviewed the owner. The topic of conversation then was fashion fast forward to today and of course, the pandemic is the dominant topic.

Deron Washington is in disbelief about how quickly things changed.

"All of a sudden one day we were in business, and the next day was like we gotta close," said Washington.

Our interview went from in-person back in December to online.

Washington says since closing in early March, his store has really suffered.

"I'm used to challenges throughout my career but this has been a tough one. It's like my heart was taken away from me," he said.

He hopes his business struggles will now be a thing of the past, since being allowed to reopen Tuesday. Last week Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced retailers can open May 26 as part of her Michigan safe start plan.

"I was like wow, thank you, thank you, thank you, Governor," he said.

Washington says he has prepared his store to follow the reopening guidelines. Gloves, hand sanitizer, and masks greet you at the door. Plastic protects the cashier and only 10 customers are allowed in at a time, by appointment only. Everyone is also encouraged to practice social distancing.

"My heart goes out to everyone that's a retailer," said Washington.

To make an appointment for Shops on Top clothing retail store, call 313-974-6898.

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