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Clothes To Go: How To Pack For Summer Vacation

ANN ARBOR (WWJ) - Many Metro Detroiters are preparing for some summer vacation days, but do you know what to pack?

Judy DiForte, spokeswoman for Ann Arbor based organizing service "Betty Brigade," said remember to pack light.

"Check your destination's extended weather forecast, so you can better predict the need for outerwear, hats, umbrellas. A rule of thumb is to pack items that you can layer," DiForte said.

Duforte said many people who don't plan before they pack could end up taking way too many things, weighing you down and leaving you less room to bring back souvenirs.

"I would say that women in general, we tend to bring way to many shoes. So, think in terms of sticking with one color palette. If you're going to be just living at the beach, you probably don't need anything more than a pair of sandals," she said.

Here's more of DiForte's summer packing tips:

• Pack on paper before you fill your suitcase. Jot down the kinds of activities you'll likely be involved in. Swimming? Dining in nice restaurants? Walking? Touring in a bus? This will help you decide on the clothing and gear you'll need, and how much of each. List pants together, tops together, etc., so you can easily see if you have too much or too little of an item.

• Rule of thumb: pack items you can layer for colder temperatures and remove as you get warmer.

• Be prepared for the worst. If travelling by plane with at least one companion, share your packing so that if one suitcase is lost, everyone loses some, but no one loses all. Never put anything you can't live without in a checked bag. Keep prescriptions, glasses, important documents in your carry-on bag, along with one change of clothing and daily use toiletries.

Looking for ways to spend your summer? Check out the CBSDetroit Summer Guide, here.

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