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Caldwell Responds To Odell Beckham's Questionable Block On Davis

By: Will Burchfield

Odell Beckham Jr. sent Jarrad Davis off the field and into the concussion protocol on Monday night when he blocked Davis from behind and the rookie linebacker went headfirst into the leg of Giants' running back Paul Perkins.

Davis was evaluated in the injury tent on Detroit's sideline before being taken to the locker room in the fourth quarter of the Lions' 24-10 win.

There was no flag on the play in question, and it'd be a stretch to call it a cheap shot by Beckham. Still, it stands to reason the Giants' star wide receiver receiver could have been called for an illegal block in the back.

Asked what he thought about the play on Monday, Jim Caldwell said, "I'm not certain what you're asking," before adding, simply, "It was a block."

But was it legal?

"There was no flag thrown," said Caldwell.

Okay, but was it dirty?

"There was no flag thrown," he repeated.

"I believe that the officials do an outstanding job, actually. When you go into a ball game, players make the most mistakes, coaches make the second and officials make the fewest," Caldwell said. "They do the best they can."

Asked if the Lions plan to send the play to the league for further review and potential discipline, Caldwell said, "We don't talk about what we send in, what we don't send in. That's inappropriate and it's ill-advised from the league."

Davis, the Lions' first-round draft pick this year, now faces a five-step return-to-play process per the league's concussion protocol. His status for Detroit's Week 3 game versus the Falcons is unclear.

"You'll have a chance to look at the (injury) report tomorrow," Caldwell said.

Caldwell also declined to provide an update on Tavon Wilson, Dwayne Washington and Ameer Abdullah, all of whom were nicked up in Monday's game.

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