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Triathlete Injured In Alleged Road Rage Incident In Boulder County

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) - A Boulder triathlete is recovering after crashing his bike to avoid a car. He says the driver caused the crash on purpose.

Richie Cunningham said to avoid an even more serious injury he says he slammed on the brakes on his bike and flipped over handle bars while the driver drove away.

Cunningham spent the Fourth of July holiday in a hospital bed after he says he was the victim of road rage.

"You don't do that for any other reason than to cause someone harm," Cunningham said.

The professional triathlete says he was riding with a group of friends on North 83rd Street in Boulder County when an angry driver pulled up behind them.

"(He) was beeping his horn behind us, angry, and then he drove past and buzzed us really close and just pulled in front of us straight away and pretty much just slammed on his brakes," Cunningham said. "Basically I've broken my elbow and I separated my shoulder a little bit and I've strained a lot of muscles in my back."

The injuries will cost him precious training time.

"It's kind of unfortunate this time of the year, it's the middle of the season and lot of big races coming up."

The Boulder County Sheriff's Office found the driver but says right now no citation has been issued.

"There was no question what his intentions were."

Cunningham says he's dealt with impatient drivers before, but this one took things too far.

"He was just one of those angry guys who was in a hurry, wanted to be angry."

The Boulder County Sheriff's Office says its investigation is ongoing.

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