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Texts Reveal Shanann Watts' Marital Unhappiness With Chris Watts

By Ben Warwick and Logan Smith

FREDERICK, Colo. (CBS4) - Newly-released texts in the Chris Watts murder investigation detail an unhappy marriage, sharply declining intimacy, and even his wife Shanann Watts' desire to not have their unborn baby alone.

The texts, released Friday, log a conversation that Shanann Watts had with a friend about her anxiety about her growing family and a lack of connection with Chris Watts.

Shanann used phrases including "I can't do this alone," "I'm not happy" and "I can't do this."

2018-273 - S3 - Text Msgs (26)
(credit: Weld County DA)

Shanann also describes frustrations with her mother- and father-in-law, saying that "Chris is so submissive and gives in so easy," referring to an incident where Chris's mother-in-law gave Celeste certain foods, against Shanann's wishes for health reasons. Shanann also mentions that she's been fighting her in-laws influence on Chris, and his submissiveness to them, for the length of their relationship.

2018-273 - S3 - Text Msgs (37)
(Credit: Weld County DA)

Another text message describes a lack of physical affection between Chris and Shanann, and her growing frustration.

2018-273 - S3 - Text Msgs (38)
(credit: Weld County DA)

Shanann then tells her friend that she's lost her excitement for the arrival of their third child, and her plan to sell their house and move out of state with her children.

2018-273 - S3 - Text Msgs (47)
(credit: Weld County DA)


In a text with friends, Chris details how upset he is over his wife and children's disappearance and how it's all over the news.

Nightmare cellphone
(credit: Weld County DA)

In an audio interview with investigators, Olayinka Hamza says he and his wife met other couples at the Hibachi restaurant at 114th and I-25 in April. Shanann was there with a blonde female friend of hers from North Carolina. Hamza is an attorney, and Shanann asks him questions regarding custody at the restaurant.

"Are you thinking about getting a divorce?" Hamza asks. Shanann's friend shows a wry smile, according to the interview. He said she asked him more questions, then they all left the restaurant separately. He next saw her photo on the news after her disappearance.

This story is being updated as CBS4 continues to examine documents and recordings.

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Ben Warwick is an Assignment Editor at CBS4 and is a native Coloradan. He loves sports, particularly baseball, and telling stories from around the state. Connect with him on Twitter @BenCBS4.

Logan Smith is an assignment desk editor at CBS4 with more than 30 years of journalism experience in print and television media.

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