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Mixed Reaction To Red Rocks Proposal: 'Improve Safety Of Patrons'

DENVER (CBS4)- There's no debate over whether Red Rocks is one of Colorado's most popular destinations. But there is debate over whether proposed improvements to the amphitheatre will benefit the venue and its visitors.

"This particular project has three areas that we're looking at," said said Red Rocks Amphitheatre Venue Director Tad Bowman.

The City and County of Denver is proposing a plan to improve parts of the park for all users. Those improvements include modifying a major intersection and expanding a stretch of Red Rocks Park Road to create additional parking.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre 2
Red Rocks Amphitheater (credit: CBS)

"There's some erosion that goes across that lot and make a slight modification to the roadway to improve traffic flow in that particular area, too," said Bowman.

There's one part of the project some don't agree with, paving the upper north parking lot.

"The grades in that particular lot are really steep in some areas. There's some erosion that occurs and the maintenance in that lot is really tough to deal with," said Bowman.

Additional improvements include a sidewalk along the west side of the Lower South Lot 2 connected to the sidewalk that leads to the Trading Post, lighting and an improved aggregate surface in the parking area.

red rocks parking lot
(credit: CBS)

The plan is still in its preliminary stages and still needs approval from certain groups, like the Landmark Preservation Commission.

If approved, Bowman said the material used to pave the lot will match its surroundings, "What's great about Red Rocks is we've actually done some improvements over the years that I think blend in with the ambiance of what Red Rocks is... that improve the safety of patrons and visitors as well as their experience."

A cost estimate for the improvements has not been submitted. The goal is to have the improvements completed before the 2016 concert season.

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