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'I Have My Opinions': Family Of Peyton Blitstein Speaks After Deadly Shooting Involving Former Police Officer

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) - After six days when a 17-year-old boy, Peyton Blitstein, in Aurora was shot and killed, it's still not clear at this point if any charges will be filed. Peyton's family is speaking out.

"You just hope that you know you can get the right information out so that people know who he actually was and what he was all about, and Peyton was an unbelievable person," said Todd Blitstein, Peyton's father.

Peyton Blitstein
Peyton Blitstein (credit: Blitstein family)

Blitstein said Peyton had many friends, loved the military and wanted to join the U.S. Air Force to become a fighter pilot upon graduation from Vista Peak. Blitstein said the incident on Nov. 24 never should've happened.

"I don't know what happened that night. I don't know why things went down the way they did, but I know with what I've seen, it didn't have to," he said. "Everything starts flashing back in your head like, 'When was the last time I talked to him? What did I say? How was the conversation?' Because you never want to be in that situation where the last time you saw him was an argument or this last time you saw him you didn't say 'I love you.' The good thing is that wasn't the case."

It's still not clear who fired the first shot, but investigators believe the incident began as an altercation over speeding.

south addison way shooting video
(credit: CBS)

Ring doorbell camera footage shared with CBS4 by a neighbor shows the moment gun shots were fired. Adam Holen, a former Greenwood Village Police Officer, is seen in his truck parked next to a sedan filled with teenagers and appears to engage in an argument with two.

It doesn't take long before he exits his vehicle to further engage with the two teens, also outside of their vehicle.

There were at least 10 gunshots fired, and both Holen and Blitstein were hit. Holen sustained a gunshot to his hip and has been released from the hospital. Witnesses say a bystander performed CPR on Blitstein at the scene, but the teen was pronounced dead at the hospital.

"When I did see the video, I wanted to see the video of kind of the base of what happened, but I stopped it at the when… just after it started. I didn't want to see my boy hit and fall to the ground. I didn't want to hear the sound, so it was unnecessary. I have my opinions and my thoughts, and I don't want to hinder any investigation, but I want the truth to come out," said Blitstein's father.

Todd Blitstein (credit: CBS)

If charges are filed, the teen's father says he wants justice.

"If there's not, then I need to look at you know how else to handle the situation. Such as talking to Peyton, going through therapy, and figuring out why," he said.

Holen resigned from Greenwood Village Police on Nov. 1 after five years of service. In his letter of resignation, he states a desire to move on from law enforcement, saying it is in the best interest of his family.

The Colorado Attorney's General Office confirmed that Holen's POST certification, or Peace Officer license, is still active.

UPDATE: Aurora Shooting: 17-Year-Old Peyton Blitstein's Dad Waiting To Learn If Charges Will Be Filed Against Former Greenwood Village Officer

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