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NORAD Celebrates 60th Anniversary Complete With Flyover

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) - The North American Aerospace Defense Command celebrated its 60th anniversary on Saturday.

NORAD 60TH ANNIVERSARY 10VO.transfer_frame_119
(credit: CBS)

Military officials held a ceremony at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.

NORAD 60TH ANNIVERSARY 10VO.transfer_frame_329
(credit: CBS)

NORAD was built in 1958 inside Cheyenne Mountain.

"When you walk through that tunnel to come here and understand the scope and breadth of the vision of people in the 1950s to create this complex... it's impressive," said Col. Travis Morehen, the Command Center Deputy Director for NORAD/North Comm.
NORAD is one of the safest places on earth -- with enough natural and man-made protection to withstand a nuclear blast.

NORAD Cheyenne Mountain
(credit: CBS)

But, arguably, its most popular duty is to notify the world where Santa Claus is on Christmas Eve with its NORAD Santa Tracker.

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