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'We Need A Little More Time': Mayor Hancock Explains Extending Denver's Stay-At-Home Order

DENVER (CBS4) -- On Friday, Mayor Michael Hancock addressed questions about why he decided to go beyond the state's stay-at-home order and extend Denver's stay-at-home order through May 8.

Michael Hancock
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock (credit: CBS)

"This virus isn't going away anytime soon. It is going to be with us for a while," Hancock stated Friday. "This is going to be a long marathon. One, we are going to have to run together."

"After very careful consideration, particularly in consultation with fellow mayors in the metro area, and public health guidance particular to our city, and a very talented and dedicated staff here at City, and frankly, a great deal of prayer, I decided to extend member state order until May 8," Hancock said Friday morning.

Hancock said the governor's guidance has been helpful -- and that the governor also encouraged local leaders to adopt standards specific to their communities.

"The governor has been a partner, and I'll tell you that his guidance was very helpful," Hancock stated. "It actually helps us to accelerate, and maybe even not have as long of an order as we might we initially thought we would need."

"These health orders have been about stopping have never been about stopping the COVID-19 completely. They've been about targeting, about a target of bending of the curve of infections and hospitalizations so our healthcare system could avoid being overwhelmed with desperately sick people," Hancock said. "And thanks to the serious sacrifices of our residents many indicators show that we are making progress in this effort.

However, Hancock said they have to consider that there could be a new wave of cases in a few months.

"We must be prepared for COVID-19 to continue and, in worst-case scenario, including an outbreak during the winter flu season."

Hancock said Gov. Jared Polis assured him more testing is on the way in Colorado -- and that Denver has a goal of testing 1,000 people a day, on top of testing people who are symptomatic.

"I've confirmed this is an achievable goal, with Denver Health alone soon reaching the capacity to do 750 tests a day," Hancock said.

"I want to thank all the residents for staying strong, adhering to the orders. It really does mean more than you will know," Hancock stated. "This dedication you have shown hopefully will reward us all in the near future."



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