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Jumbo's Sports Bar and Grill gets Colorado liquor license back after months of suspension

Jumbo Sports Bar and Grill gets liquor license reinstated after suspension
Jumbo Sports Bar and Grill gets liquor license reinstated after suspension 02:23

After getting their liquor license reinstated, Jumbo's Sports Bar and Grill in Lakewood is now open again.

It's been more than three months since a Lakewood bar owner said she felt like she was being unfairly targeted.

The establishment had its liquor license suspended over multiple allegations, including serving alcohol to minors.

According to the owner, Tanesha Howard, the city did not find enough evidence to officially take away her liquor license.

Tanesha Howard CBS

But even though she is now able to run her business, it's been tough. The Howard family feels like they must start over.

Howard describes the past three months as a nightmare.

"I had to fight to get my liquor license back, now I have to fight to stay in the building," said Howard.

On top of the allegations of serving minors, the establishment received countless complaints from neighbors regarding noise, violence and police activity.

"I'm just at the point now where I'm trying to rebuild," said Howard. "It is kind of hard to work with my landlord and do an extension of rent, and he's like 'no.'"

She says problems began when new management took over in May.

After a couple of court hearings, she's now allowed to run her business again, but it's far from easy.

Lakewood City Councilwoman Anita Springsteen has been supporting the family through this.

"You can see the toll it has taken on their business and on them personally," said Springsteen. "It was very difficult to watch them go through that hearing on their own without representation, but I am glad to see they are up and running and I'm hopeful people will be fair to them."

  Lakewood City Councilwoman Anita Springsteen CBS

Howard had no attorney and had to represent herself due to financial issues.

"At the end, the judge pretty much said there were no findings, they did not have much evidence, it was all hearsay, so they took my liquor license for over three months over hearsay, and even though they gave it back to me, they do not understand how much they took from me," said Howard.

We reached out to the city for comment and are waiting for a response.

For now, the owners are working to build up their clientele so they can at least make their monthly rent.

"Our clientele left for the three months that we were closed so people don't know that we are actually back open," said Howard.

Howard tells CBS News Colorado she is now going to serve as vice president of the NAACP chapter in Jefferson County.

She wants to be a voice for people like her and make sure they get a fair chance.

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