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Owners of dog that bit customer's face inside Home Depot identified, dog under quarantine

Dog owner in Home Depot biting incident charged with misdemeanor
Dog owner in Home Depot biting incident charged with misdemeanor 02:29

UPDATE: Dog owner in Evergreen Home Depot biting incident charged with misdemeanor

Two women whose large dog bit a customer's face inside a Home Depot and who were being sought by Colorado authorities have been identified. The store is located at 1014 El Rancho Road in Evergreen and the incident happened on March 31, according to Jefferson County authorities, who had asked the public for help determining who the dog's owners were.

One of the dog's owners apparenty asked a customer to give the dog a treat, explaining to the customer that they were training the dog. 

Jefferson County

When the customer agreed they were bitten in the face by the dog. As store employees tended to the injured victim, the women exited the store with their dog, identified as a Great Dane. 

Jefferson County

The victim sustained serious injuries and is now required to have facial surgery as a result of the bite. According to the Jefferson County Sheriff, the victim wants to press charges. Two possible charges are pending that include dog fighting off premises under owner control or harboring a vicious dog. 

The owner claims the dog did not bite the victim but rather head-butted the victim. The dog is 7 days into a pending quarantine for rabies. That quarantine was happening at the dog's home. 

If you have information that might be helpful to authorities in their investigation you are asked to contact Jefferson County Animal Control at 303-271-5070. 

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