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Debate Over Implementing Amendment 64 In Denver Far From Over

DENVER (CBS4) - Amendment 64 passed easily in the city of Denver, but the debate over implementing it is far from over. The big issue is still whether they will allow retail stores in Denver.

Denver has a choice to opt out of legal recreational marijuana, or it can, by default, be in. It's up to the city council, the mayor, or a referendum of the people. A debate was held on the topic on Monday.

There were those from both sides of the issue who addressed the council.

"Bans in my opinion are nothing more than lazy policy making," Teri Robnett with the Cannabis Patients Action Network said. "It's so easy to just ban something rather than to actually do the work and put in the time and effort to develop reasonable regulations."

"Because we are finally controlling it and bringing it out of the shadows and into the light, we're going to be able to actually protect public safety, enhance the freedom of our citizens, and bring in additional tax revenue," Michael Elliott with the Medical Marijuana Industry Group said.

But others took the opposite stance, arguing that Denver shouldn't be allowed to become a marijuana Mecca.

"Did those who voted for 64 intend for Denver and Colorado to become the center of the big pot industry?" parent Suvi Miller said.

Another issue under the microscope was if private marijuana clubs should be allowed and if they'd be in violation of the Clean Indoor Air Act.

"I think a tweak to the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act would not stop so-called marijuana clubs for various reasons," David Broadwell with the City Attorney Office said. "It's got to be something more than that."

Broadwell said it comes down to the definition of the words "open" and "public."

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