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'Whatever It Is, It's Not Worth Someone Getting Shot': Aurora Mothers Seek Justice For Sons Injured, Killed

DENVER, (CBS)- Velma Bankett's sons 23-year-old Jordan and 26-year-old Elijah took her car to downtown Denver on Nov. 4 to celebrate a friend's birthday.

"They went out to enjoy and just have some fun that's all," she said.

It's something they had done dozens of times, but this time she got a call at 1 a.m. from a stranger who told her that her sons had been in a crash. She was confused until Elijah got on the phone.

velma bankett
(credit: CBS)

Velma said, "He said, 'Mom... it's bad. Jordan is bleeding everywhere' and he said, 'I don't know what happened.'"

She says they were driving near Park Avenue and Larimer when they were ambushed. Someone started shooting at their car. They eventually wrecked near Park avenue and Globeville Road. Jordan was shot in the stomach. Elijah was shot in the leg, but their good friend Qalab Dessita was dead. Velma says he was the last person you would think would die from gun violence.

Park Avenue Shooting Scenen
(credit: CBS)

"Just as sweet as gold. Somebody that you would want to be your son," she said when asked to describe him.

Denver police haven't said much about the case, just that 3 people were inside Velma's car. No one is in custody or has been arrested. Detectives are developing leads.

Velma says Jordan and Elijah are both home from the hospital but they face a long road to recovery. Still, she considers herself lucky because even though she lost her car and her sons were hurt, they are still alive. Unlike their friend Qalab. Velmas says she is heartbroken for his mother.

Velma's Car

Velma says she and Qalab's mom want justice for their sons. They hope whoever shot at them will be held accountable and that people need to stop shooting each other. No matter what is going on.

"Whatever it is, it's not worth someone getting shot at and somebody losing their life," she said.



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