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COVID In Denver: What Makes Outdoor Dining Safer Than Indoor Dining?

DENVER (CBS4)- Businesses across the state are now under Level Red COVID-19 restrictions. Indoor dining is banned under the new guidelines. Cerebral Brewing in Denver is adjusting to the new rules.

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"We kind of saw some of this coming," said Cerebral Brewing Owner, Sean Buchin. "We went ahead and rented tents, heaters, bought some patio heater for our patio, and then the restrictions came down, so we're kind of rolling with the punches as they come."

According to Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment regulations, under Level Red, state outdoor tents must have two non-adjacent sides open at all times.

"Having the two sides of the tent open, plus the tent heaters, we don't feel like the risk is super high," Buchin said. "It will be a little cold, so we're encouraging people to dress warm and bring blankets."

CPDHE states that indoor seating can trap air while people sit inside. Temporary outdoor spaces, huts, domes, and patios allow for air flow and circulation. For structures to be considered outdoor dining, health officials say they must act like a tunnel and make sure air keeps moving. Single party structures, like bubbles, are also considered outdoor dining and can be cleaned and aired out in between uses.

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Whitney Daum, Infection Prevention Manager at North Suburban Medical Center, says while outdoor dining is a safer alternative to indoor dining, there are still risks.

"Even outdoors, people still need to distance," Daum said. "It is recommended, even if they're outdoors, to wear their masks when they're not eating and drinking, just to really help prevent the spread as much as possible."

Cerebral Brewing knows keeping customers safe is necessary for businesses to survive.

"We don't have a significant federal response to support anything, restaurants especially," said Buchin. "If you want businesses to be there when this is all done, then you need to support them now."

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