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'Large Boulder Size Of Small Boulder' Makes Colorado Sheriff's Office Twitter Famous

TELLURIDE, Colo. (CBS4) - It's a common occurrence in Colorado, especially during periods of rain or snow. We're talking about large rocks falling onto highways that traverse the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

But a tweet from a sheriff's office in a rural southwestern county on Monday afternoon, meant to alert drivers on Highway 145 to a potential hazard, caught the eyes of thousands on Twitter, because of the odd wording it contained.

Was the tweet just an innocent typo? Or was it some type of fancy police talk? Either way the phrase 'a large boulder the size of a small boulder' became the butt of many jokes for several hours.

One person said we shall name it Biggie Smalls. Another wondered if a self-conscious smaller boulder wrote the tweet? Some just responded with memes.

The CBS4 Morning Crew had fun with this story on-air with anchor Brit Moreno saying she has made typos on Twitter before. The sheriff's office was a good sport about the tweet and left it up, but later posted an update once the rock was removed from the highway.

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