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All Charges Dropped Against 'Love Has Won' Cult Members

CRESTONE, Colo. (CBS4) - It was a highly publicized case when members of a cult called "Love Has Won" were arrested in Saguache County, Colorado. Now all charges have been dropped.

cult arrests Christopher Royer, Sarah Rudolph, Jason Castillo, John Robertson, Obduia Franco, Ryan Kramer and Karin Raymond
(credit: Saguache County Sheriff's Office)

It was back in April that a body was found in the group's compound in Moffat near Crestone. It was Amy Carlson, known as "Mother God." Her corpse was mummified and decorated like a shrine.

Numerous members of the group were arrested now all charges have been dropped.

CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger earlier asked two of them, "How did she die?"

Ryan Kramer answered, "I actually do not have an answer for that. Sincerely I do not know."

The coroner was unable to determine a cause of death. Members, including Kramer, had talked about her being ill in their YouTube streams.

CULT LEADER DEAD 6PKG.transfer_frame_214
Amy Carlson (credit; Dr. Phil Show)

"Why can't she heal herself- she is God. I actually don't know how to answer that question."

The Saguache County coroner was reportedly trying to determine if she consumed metals. On the internet, the group was selling the dietary supplement colloidal silver and other products, including "God Is A Woman" drinking glasses.

"God is a woman and Amy is the God?" CBS4 asked Karin Raymond in May.

Her reply, "Yes."

"She has been reincarnated many many times?" asked Sallinger.

Kramer replied, "Yes, 534 times."

"So maybe she will come back to life?" asked CBS4.

"Maybe she will come off a starship" said Kramer.

Love Has Won
(credit: CBS)

The charges were dropped because the prosecutor told the judge he thought the constitutionality would be in question regarding abuse of a corpse involving Carlson's body decorations.

Sallinger asked Kramer and Raymond in May, "With Christmas lights and glitter. Is she going to be reincarnated?"

Raymond answered, "God is a woman. Ha, ha, ha."

The cult has split into different groups with different names since the arrests.

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