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Certain fireworks legal in Aurora through Fourth of July

Certain fireworks legal in Aurora through Fourth of July
Certain fireworks legal in Aurora through Fourth of July 02:22

Soon you will be able to buy fireworks at fireworks stands in Aurora when they open, but if you have them you can set them off safely starting Saturday.

The City of Aurora has a standing stage one fire restriction year-round, but once a year near the Fourth of July, Aurora Fire Rescue considers lifting it so people can celebrate. They consider a lot of factors in making that decision.


"We take a very data-driven approach to making the decision," said Dawn Small the communications manager for Aurora Fire Rescue. "Fuel moisture of vegetation, and they look at the potential, energy levels of if vegetation were to catch on fire, what the intensity of what that fire, might look like. And then we also look at, weather patterns. We look at, resources and availability. If there were to be significant fires in our area and whether we would be able to, have the staffing available to support those needs."

This year they have decided to lift the ban starting Saturday. You can legally use fireworks that don't leave the ground or explode in Aurora, but Aurora Fire Rescue wants you to keep safety on top of your mind. No matter how safe you think your fireworks may be.


"A lot of people actually think that sparklers are pretty innocuous. And they are legal. But one thing to know about sparklers is they can reach, temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, and they're actually among the fireworks that, that are reported to have caused injuries," said Small.

AFR also wants you to do your part to prevent fire.


"Keep a bucket of water on hand. And that's number one to put out the firework if it happens to catch on fire. And then also we highly recommend that you, after you're done lighting off fireworks at the end of the night, to put all those fireworks in a bucket of water and let them sit overnight to make sure that they're, fully put out and they're not going to reignite," said Small.

Last year, a home in Aurora caught fire when someone put spent fireworks in a trashcan. A firefighter was injured battling the blaze. Small says maybe the best idea is to go to the city's professional show on the fourth.


"It's probably, best just to leave the fireworks to the professionals and enjoy the fireworks safely," said Small.

The city's fireworks event will be on Fourth of July at the Aurora Municipal Center lawn starting at 6:30 p.m.

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