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Calculate How Many Gallons Of Rain Fell At Your House From Tuesday's Storm

DENVER (CBS4) - Lawns and gardens are rejoicing all across north-central and northeast Colorado after a soggy late spring storm dropped widespread rain and snow. Many places from metro Denver to the northeast plains saw an inch or more of water in less than 24 hours. You can check out the maps on CoCoRaHS to see how much rain fell where you live.

If you're wondering how many gallons of water fell at your house there is an easy stat you can work form the find out the answer. We know that one inch of rain over one acre of land contains 27,154 gallons of water. So using that you can take your rain total and the amount of land at your house to come up with an estimate. You may need to do a few calculations to arrive at the estimated number of gallons.

If you don't want to do any math, here are two numbers you can use that may be a close approximation for your house. If you got an inch of rain and you have a quarter acre of land, then you received about 6,788 gallons of free water from the sky. If you got a half inch of rain in the gauge and you have one acre of land, then you got about 13,577 gallons water.


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