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'Bad From Start To Finish': DeGette Describes GOP Health Care Plan

DENVER (CBS4)- Rep. Diana DeGette, a Democrat representing Denver in Congress, is among many who are disappointed with the new GOP plan to replace Pres. Obama's Affordable Care Act.

"This bill is so bad from start to finish I could go on for hours about it," said DeGette.

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Rep. Diana DeGette (credit: CBS)

DeGette is one of the authors of the so-called Obamacare. Although she acknowledges that it has problems, she believes the Republican plan will make things worse.

"If you pass this bill every American family is going to feel what it means in their access to health care every day, which is why I think it's a suicide mission," said DeGette.

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(credit: CBS)

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office determined 14 million people would join the ranks of the uninsured by next year. That number will grow to 21 million by 2020 and 24 million by 2026.

Democratic leaders say that's unacceptable.

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(credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

"This is a remarkable figure, it speaks so eloquently to the cruelty to the bill that the speaker calls an 'act of mercy,'" said House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

The CBO cites three main reasons for the drop in coverage:

  • Some people will choose not to buy insurance because there will no longer be a mandate and penalties.
  • Prices would increase 15-20 percent which would make it unaffordable for some.
  • There would also be steep cuts to Medicaid which would force millions out of the system.

"I think if you read this entire report, and I'm pretty encouraged by it, it actually exceeded by expectations," said Rep. Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan Holds Weekly Press Briefing At The Capitol
House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Some Republicans support the plan and Pres. Donald Trump believes it will pay off in the long run.

"You will see rates go down, down, down and you'll see plans go up, up up... you'll have plans that no one is even thinking of today," said Trump.

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(credit: CBS)

Not all Republicans are on board. Sen. Cory Gardner, a Republican representing Colorado, said he will not support the plan in its current state.

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