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6 Team Records The Broncos Will Be Shooting For In 2016

DENVER (CBS4) - After a glorious 2015 season led by a gnarly defense that culminated in the franchise's third Super Bowl win, the Denver Broncos should be primed for another run at glory in 2016.

The following are some of the team records the Broncos will be shooting for next season:

1. Division Title Streak
The Broncos have won five straight AFC West division titles, which ties them with Oakland for the most consecutive titles in the division. (The Raiders did it from 1972 to 1976.) With a division win in 2016 the Broncos would move past the Raiders for the record in the AFC West and be one step closer the league-wide record. The most consecutive division titles won by any team in the NFL is 7 -- the New England Patriots just accomplished that in the AFC East with their most recent division win and the Los Angeles Rams also did that in the NFC West from 1973 to 1979.

2. Divisional Road Streak
No other team in NFL history has put together a better streak of wins on the road against division opponents than the Broncos. Denver will be looking to extend its NFL record 15 consecutive divisional road wins in 2016. The only other team that has come close to a streak like that is the San Francisco 49ers of the late 80s, who won 12 straight on the road in their division. Look out when the Broncos come to play, Chargers, Chiefs and Raiders!

3. Division Win Percentage
To go along with all those wins on the road when facing AFC West opponents, the Broncos have been defeating those teams regularly at home in recent years, too. Denver owns the best win percentage against opponents in their division over the past five seasons. That percentage is .806, which is ahead of the Patriots (.767), Green Bay Packers (.758), Indianapolis Colts (.733) and Baltimore Ravens (.645). They'll be looking to continue that rate of success in 2016.

Super Bowl Victory Parade & Rally
(credit: Evan Semón/CBS)

4. Team Owner Super Bowl Appearances
It's what every one of the million Broncos fans who showed up in Civic Center Park for the Super Bowl 50 parade wants -- a championship repeat. But just getting to the big game would be a major accomplishment. If the Broncos could claim another AFC Championship crown in 2016 that would mean owner Pat Bowlen would vault past Robert Kraft for a record number of Super Bowl appearances by an NFL team owner. Bowlen and Kraft, the owner of the Patriots, each have owned teams that have made it to the Super Bowl seven times. Edward DeBartolo Jr. (San Francisco), Clint Murchison Jr. (Dallas Cowboys) and Joe Robbie (Miami Dolphins) each owned teams that made it to five Super Bowls.

5. Team Owner Playoff Appearances
They wouldn't be able to do it in 2016, but clinching a playoff berth in the upcoming season would mean the Broncos are a step closer to helping Pat Bowlen get the record for most playoff appearances by an NFL owner. Bowlen is currently tied with Art Modell with 18 playoff appearance by an owner. From 1960 to 2013 the late Bud Adams oversaw the Houston Oilers, who moved and become the Tennessee Titans while he still owned the team. They made 21 appearances in the playoffs during that span.

6. Regular Season Wins Since 2011
Since John Elway was hired in 2011 the Broncos have won more games in the regular season than all other teams except for one: the Patriots. The Broncos have won 58 regular season games with Elway in the front office, that's three fewer than New England. The Broncos also trail only the Patriots when it comes to overall wins during that span -- the Patriots have 69 and Denver has 64.

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