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Nikkita Brown Speaks Out Publicly For First Time Since Confrontation With Officer On North Avenue Beach

CHICAGO (CBS)-- A Chicago woman seen struggling with a police officer on North Avenue Beach is speaking out publicly for the fist time since the incident.

Video shows a beach brawl between Nikkita Brown and the male officer. Witness video shows Brown holding onto a dog as the officer initially grips her arm.

The two struggle as the pet gets on its hind legs at one point. The woman and the officer both hold onto each other for a minute before they let go and each walk away.

The woman said she later called 911, claiming she was racially profiled.

Thursday, on Good Morning America, Brown explained why she took out her cell phone.

"I was looking to see who I could call for help at that point," She said. "Even if someone didn't answer, at least leave a voice message that says 'hello hi, this is where I am, this is what's happening. If you call me in the morning and don't reach me, I am in jail or worse."

Police Supt. David Brown has placed the officer on administrative duties while the incident is investigated.

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