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New CPS Report Cards Show Grades For Kids And Their Schools

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Tuesday was report card pick-up day for some Chicago Public Schools and it could put some principals on the hot seat. Parents aren't only getting their child's progress report, they're also getting a print-out on how the school itself is doing.

CBS 2's Dana Kozlov reports that the new CPS report card is all laid out, in color and easy to read.

Every parent will be getting a copy of the new CPS school progress report when they pick up their kids' report cards.

CPS Chief Executive Officer Jean-Claude Brizard said he hopes the school progress report will get parents' attention, for better or worse.

"We hope this becomes the tool that parents have to become much more demanding on the system," Brizard said.

He and other CPS officials met with some Walsh Math and Science Academy parents to explain the new reports.

"Our hope is that this is valuable information," Brizard said.

The report shows everything from what 'level' the school is ranked to how students perform – by grade level – in critical subjects like math and reading. It's information already available online, with some effort. This makes it easily accessible to everyone.

Asked what she would do about it if she's unhappy with her school's progress report, parent Marisela Mornia said, "I will let the school know."

She also said she believes it will spark more parental involvement and activism at the schools. "We will know more how the school is doing. We will be able to talk to the teachers more to let them know how we think about how the school is doing," she said.

Walsh principal Krish Mohip said he believes the progress reports could be humbling for some principals.

"Yeah. Believe me, it's humbling when I saw the scores. I was humbled, too," Mohip said.

He also said it will make good educators work hard to improve lackluster school and student performance.

If that's not enough, CPS Chief Education Officer, Dr. Noemi Donoso, said, "There will be changes in schools as a result of this."

CPS officials said they couldn't provide an estimate of the cost of the new progress reports, saying it was hard to gauge because it's done on a school-by-school basis.

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