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Midwest Couple Safely Makes It Out Of Las Vegas Massacre

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A man from the Midwest who ran for his life when the shooting started tells WBBM he feels "blessed beyond measure."

It was a surprise 40th birthday present from his wife: Ryan Burr of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and his wife met two other couple in Las Vegas for the Jason Aldean concert.

At first, Burr said it sounded like a helicopter overhead. Then, they knew it was gunfire.

"Bullets literally whizzing over our heads. I'll never forget this: I could hear them - it sounded like they were going, from the back of my head and then it would go left and then right and then back to the left.

"It was just apparent that everybody - everybody - was in the path. Because people were just getting hit directly."

Burr said he and others tried to push down a wall - but could not. Finally, they got out.

"We approached a firetruck that had full-armed SWAT team members around it, and we basically just ran over to them with our arms up, saying, 'Where do we go?'"

And soon, home to Wisconsin.

"Can't wait to hug my kids."


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