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Lombard Couple Burglarized During Honeymoon

(CBS) -- A beautiful wedding. A perfect honeymoon. Then, an awful surprise.

Instead of coming home to happily start their new life together, a Lombard newlywed couple came home and called police.

CBS 2's Dana Kozlov reports.

The broken glass was an immediate bad sign for Kerry Anderson as he and his new bride came home from their honeymoon.

"I yelled to Nicki, 'Don't come in here. I think somebody burglarized us,'" he says.

Kerry ran inside while his wife called Lombard police. The downstairs and an upstairs bedroom appeared intact. Wedding gifts remained unopened and untouched.  He walked into their bedroom.

"Every single one of these drawers were opened," he says.

Their belongings were thrown about, ripped open. Items, including Nicki's engagement ring, were stolen. So were laptops and gift cards and watches. The total was estimated to be worth $17,000.

The Andersons say police believe they were targeted.

Both say they posted one honeymoon picture on Facebook but were otherwise careful. They also told the driver who took them to the airport -- a painful lesson in privacy, perhaps, but one they're prepared to weather together.

"It was our first test together," Nicki Anderson says.




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