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Cubs manager David Ross talks offseason additions, what he's learned going into year 4

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CHICAGO (CBS) – We're just days away from the Chicago Cubs hosting the Milwaukee Brewers on Opening Day of the 2023 MLB season.

CBS 2 Sports Director Marshall Harris sat down with Cubs Manager David Ross to talk about the infusion of veteran talent in the clubhouse and what he's trying to get better at going into his fourth season at the helm.

Harris: "Year four, it seems like it's going to be a little different just because the personnel has changed so much from your first year of managing, but I know you're excited about what this team was able to do in the offseason and kind of prime you guys for another run at the playoffs and contending."

Ross: "Yeah. I mean you look around and the veterans are pouring in. The guys, the moves made in the offseason were important. We got a lot of holes to fill. Some guys put themselves on the map last year. We figured out where our strengths and weaknesses were. I think [President of Baseball Operations] Jed [Hoyer], [General Manager] Carter [Hawkins], and the front office group did a really nice job of going out and getting some real winners, guys who have been in the biggest battles in our game. So the exciting part is when you fee like you're a little bit ahead of the curve already with so many guys who just know how to take care of their business, their routine, coming here with a really good attitude and excited to be Cubs."

Harris: "Is this the most well-equipped you've felt as a manager you were, whether its from your personal experience or the roster?"

Ross: "I think yeah. I think my first year with a pretty loaded roster, you know I was the one who was green. I don't know that I don't ever not feel like I'm a little bit green and so I have a lot to learn. I have learned a lot and I feel like I try to take that into every single season of just continuing to evolve as a manager, just like you would as a player. I got better every year as a player and it's the same as a manager. I think the jumpstart we have this year is we have a lot of guys that have been in that winning circle, and gotten rings and have hardware. To be able to lead this group is really exciting for me."

Harris: "What did you get from the end of last season to the start of Spring Training and say, 'I'm gonna get better at' blank?"

Ross: "I think like trust in being able to put guys in situations that they may not be ready for and trusting them a little bit to step up. I thought our bullpen did a really nice job on the backend of last year. Mark Leiter got three saves for us and it's just moments where I didn't see that stuff playing out like that, but it was in moments where a couple of guys were banged up and patience with some of that, I think, is definitely an area that I want to grow and feel like I did grow a lot last year."

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