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National Conservation Leader: Asian Carp Plan Needs Illinois Support

(WBBM Newsradio) -- The head of the nation's biggest non-profit conservation group gives Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner a B-minus for his handling of environmental issues.

WBBM's Steve Miller reports.

One of the biggest environmental issues: What to do about the Asian carp, which is threatening the Great Lakes.

Collin O'Mara, the president of the National Wildlife Federation, supports the Army Corps of Engineers plan for a gauntlet of barriers.

O'Mara says the plan does seem to have bipartisan support - and he says he's pleased Michigan's Republican governor has indicated he'll fund a bigger portion of it.

"I'd like to see Gov. Rauner do the same. I think there's been a hesitancy for state level involvement," he says.

Rauner, a Republican, has maintained the plan is too expensive and would disrupt the barge industry.

O'Mara says Chicago Mayor Emanuel gets an A-minus for his handling of environmental issues.

He says Illinois has a proud tradition of conservation.

"Unfortunately there's a lot of the country where you can't talk about climate. Or, you can't talk about some cleanups or things like that.

"I'm not seeing the level of denialism I'm seeing in some other places. And for me, you can't solve a problem unless you have one, and you're doing that here."

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