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'Ghost Bike' Marks Memorial Where Bicyclist Killed

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A couple of bicyclists killed in traffic accidents were remembered this morning where one of them died a couple of weeks ago on the Near North Side.

A white "ghost bike" was chained to a light pole at the corner of Wells and Oak in memory of 32-year old cyclist Neil Townsend.

Two weeks ago, a car door opened, Townsend swerved and a semi hit him.

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Bike commuter Jerry Geyer says, "It's just traumatic" and is "one of the dangers of sharing the road here in Chicago."

Anne Alt of the Chicago Cycling Club says being "doored" is a problem that happens to hundreds of cyclists. "All of us have had the almost version of that accident," she says.

Kim Nishimoto is the mother of Clinton Miceli who died four years ago in an accident similar to the one that killed Neil Townsend.

Nishimoto told the 75 people at the morning memorial that, "The impact on the family for the rest of their lives is so far-reaching."

Lee Townsend, the father of Neil Townsend, said, "If anything comes of it, maybe there will be someone who pays a little more attention before they open their door."

After the remembrances, dozens of cyclists rode silently downtown in honor of Townsend and Miceli.

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