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Wyc Grousbeck: Exciting June In Store As Celtics Hope To Become Free-Agent Destination

BOSTON (CBS) -- In terms of wins and losses, the 2013-14 season has no doubt been a rough one for the Boston Celtics. Despite the team's record and standing, co-owner Wyc Grousbeck said on Felger & Massarotti that there are plenty of positives shining through this season.

"I would say the coach is a big highlight for me and for everybody who's been following the team," Grousbeck said of Brad Stevens. "He seems like he's going to be a great hire. It was a bit of a risk to bring a guy out of college. We don't want to declare a victory just yet, but in terms of watching Brad with the team in practice and on the road and in the game situations, we're very happy with him and he's happy to be here.

"He's got a lot of our guys playing at career-best levels ... we think that comes back to the coach and the kind of environment he's creating."

Grousbeck also lauded the fans for showing support and filling the Garden on a regular basis. The team's co-owner later said that type of support, along with a roster that could and should look very different come summer time, could go a long way in helping to lure free agents to choose Boston -- a decision that very few big names have made in the past.

"I believe now there's so much money in this league, the players are making so much money, the league, the TV deals, ticket sales, everything is so lucrative and the players get half. The money is everywhere for these guys. The difference is going to be not the sunshine; it's going to be winning the championship ring," Grousbeck said. "People who have been on championship teams know what it's like. It's an unbelievable feeling. Talking about guys who have never won one, I think that normally becomes important in their career. That's what happened I think in Miami. Guys got together and thye've won two in a row. It really means a lot to be a champion in the NBA. These guys want to do it.

"If you can create it with this coach, with this fan support, with this ownership commitment to spending, and with good young players coming up, if we can create an attractive place for someone to come and say, 'My numbers are going to be great, my career's going to be great, but what's more, I might have a chance at being in a parade,' I think guys are going to listen to that."

Grousbeck said that the team is gearing up for a "busy June" in terms of moving players, making trades and acquiring players in the draft.

"It's going to be a lot of fun," Grousbeck asserted.

Wyc Grousbeck

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