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Amazon Driver Charged With Child Porn After Allegedly Wearing Wig, Taking Pictures In Wrentham Outlets Bathroom

WRENTHAM (CBS) – An Amazon driver is facing serious charges after Wrentham Police say he took pictures of women and girls in a bathroom at the Wrentham Outlets. His arrest follows an investigation that started this summer.

The investigation spanned eight weeks. Police arrested Jacob Guerrero in September for his alleged crimes at the Wrentham Outlets. His arrest Monday night was for what police say they found after that.

Wrentham suspect
Picture of suspect accused of dressing as woman in Wrentham Outlet bathroom. Picture taken by witness. (Image from Wrentham PD)

"A mother and daughter reported there was a person acting strange, a man dressed as a woman wearing a wig," said Wrentham Police Chief Bill McGrath.

When Wrentham Police responded to the outlets in August, where women reported a man behaving suspiciously in a women's bathroom, an investigation began that would uncover far more sinister evidence. A witness photo showed what appeared to be pen cameras - recording devices - laced into the man's sneakers.

Surveillance video soon led investigators to 23-year-old Jacob Guerrero of Woonsocket, Rhode Island. A search warrant gave police access to his phone, which contained photos and videos of child pornography.

"Some of the children he allegedly had on his phone were 8, 9, 10, 11 years old," McGrath said.

Guerrero was arrested leaving the Amazon parking lot in Wrentham. He worked there as a delivery driver. Investigators say it was his work that led him to at least one victim.

Guerrero Booking photo (1)
Jacob Guerrero (Photo Via Wrentham Police)

"He had returned to a home that was on his route and actually filmed a child through a second story window," McGrath said.

Police say much of the evidence was recorded out of state during trips Guerrero took to New Jersey and California. The chief knows the overwhelming majority of delivery drivers visiting our homes are safe, hard workers.

"If you have one person who's done a horrific thing or a bad thing. I don't care if it's police or the media or Amazon drivers. It certainly isn't a reflection of all of them and that's not a picture we want to paint," McGrath said.

Investigators praised the original witnesses, girls shopping who noticed unusual behavior and did something about it, ultimately protecting other victims.

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