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Newlyweds Take Wedding Reception Outside During Wrentham Ballroom Fire

WRENTHAM (CBS) – A bride wasn't going to let anything spoil her big day – even if a fire broke out at her wedding reception.

Rebecca Alexander and her new husband Louis were celebrating with family and friends at the Lake Pearl in Wrentham Friday night when a fire broke out.

"Some of our guests were like, the party's so lit, it's literally on fire!" Rebecca told WBZ-TV Saturday.

No one was hurt, but the entire reception of more than 100 people had to be moved outside.

"All I kept saying was that this can't be happening, this isn't real. This is not happening, not my day," Rebecca said.

"A lot of crying," her husband Louis said. "My sister, who was one of her bridesmaids, she was very upset because she didn't get to do her father-daughter dance, I didn't get to do my mother-son dance, so my sister had the idea for me to go pull my car up, blast the radio, play our songs."

Despite the panic and tears, the bridesmaids salvaged the night, bringing the DJ and party outside until firefighters arrived.

"We did some nice group shots. They actually signed our guest book!" Louis said.

wrentham wedding fire
(Photo credit: Rebecca and Louis Alexander)

It wasn't the wedding reception the Alexanders had in mind, but looking back on the night, they said they wouldn't change a thing.

"I was really embarrassed that it didn't go perfectly, but little did I know, it really did go perfectly," the new bride said.

wrentham wedding fire
(Photo credit: Rebecca and Louis Alexander)

The couple also got a great gift from the Lake Pearl Ballroom – a full refund for their reception and free brunch there for life.

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